​Introducing A D C X

This day is the one called x.

ADCX, or A Day Called X, are an instrumental band from Southend, Essex, UK. Formed of Ken Canham, Dan Philp, Greg Kiss and Leon Dodimead the band create the sound of a far bigger band, combining synths and electronica with guitars, bass and drums. Having toured and found success in numerous other acts, ADCX have combined to create something different.

Using other media, the band has expanded on what might be expected of a traditional album and their debut, The Day I Heard The Moon Roar is supplemented by original artwork and a short story. Their live shows are equally enhanced by projections and light shows designed for each song to create an overall experience that no other audience will find.

2017 will see the introduction of ADCX to a stage near you and the release of the debut album The Day I Heard The Moon Roar, in June 2017.

From silence comes the roar.

Four-man entity of multi-tasking instrumentalists, whom having made music in other groups over the last decade have now combined their forces to produce their debut album, The Day I Heard The Moon Roar.

Intriguing melodies, atmospheric space and crushing drive.

Combining metal, noise, synths, electronica and samples, A Day Called X form a dramatic soundscape. Trading dreams for nightmares and peace for assault there is no turn that this band won’t dare to take in an attempt to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Tall tales, explosive images and hypnotic soundtrack.

Original paintings, video and narrative all combine with the band’s high decibel output to engage the imagination of the audience, either live or on record.

A Day Called X is mobile and headed to a stage near you. Miss it at your own peril.

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