01-07-17 –ADCX Album Launch and Art Gallery at The Old Waterworks.

The main event of our album launch day.  Thanks to everyone who came down to check out our gallery of album art, narrative and promo collage art.  The set was fantastic and it blew our minds when we saw all you crammed into the cinema room at The Old Waterworks and spilling out into the gallery outside. 



The Old Waterworks Art Gallery, Southend-on-Sea. ESSEX / 1ST JULY 2017



01-07-17 – The Old Waterworks Art Gallery, ESSEX

We will hopefully be releasing the gallery soundtrack as a standalone album soon and if anyone wants to make enquiries about buying any of Leon’s original artwork please contact adaycalledx@gmail.com

Thanks to Luke for taking photos of the whole night, Kana for taking photos, manning the bar and merch stand, Neil for the PA and sound, Steve at the Old Waterworks for all his help and all of our friends and family who helped to get the album recorded and pitched in so that the night went off without a hitch. 

Also, thanks to Leon for smashing a whole crate of beers when we’d finished clearing up on the morning after.

Set List

  1. Project 242

  2. The Passage (Part 1)

  3. The Parlour Scene

  4. Comet Shoemaker

  5. Blue Ruin

  6. For the Ghosts

  7. Beast With A Million Eyes (Encore)